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Entertainment Law:

Let Your Favorite Attorney Ensure That You’re Protected

At Nikki Woo Law & Associates, we strive to provide today’s entertainers with the best legal and management team in the industry. Putting your career in trusted hands is the first line of defense when navigating the entertainment industry. We understand the value of talent, therefore we will not hesitate to take strong legal action in protecting and promoting what makes you and your art unique.

As an artist, you will have to endure a variety of legal issue as you form groups, record, produce, write, tour, sign contracts, and dissolve partnerships. Nikki Woo Law & Associates can help musicians and film makers navigate forming business entities, drafting internal agreements, and negotiating all manner of contracts.

While you apply your musical genius, we will handle preparing and executing documents that represent your best interest, including those from or related to record labels, publishers, managers, licensees, producers, and venues.

As a filmmaker, producer, actor, or crew, there is a need for legal assistance in the areas of entity formation, talent, crew, and producer agreements, depiction and location releases, music, film clip, and artwork clearances, and advice on fair use and First Amendment issues.