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Personal Injury agreement

Agreement made this
consisting of two (2) pages, by and between
the undersigned, (hereinafter “Client”) and Nikki Woo Law & Associates LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Attorney” or “Firm”).


WHEREFORE in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein the parties agree as follows:
1. Client has sought the legal advice and services of Attorney and Attorney agrees to act as legal counsel and representative for client for the purpose of prosecuting Client’s claim for bodily injuries and/or diminished value claim which occurred on or about

2. Compensation: Client in turn agrees to compensate Attorney as follows: a. Attorney shall receive thirty-five (35.00) percent of any recovery, settlement, settlement offer, award or judgment, unless a lawsuit is filed on bodily injury and/or diminished value claims; b. If a lawsuit is filed then Attorney shall receive forty (40.00) percent of any recovery, settlement, settlement offer, award or judgment on bodily injury and/or diminished value claims; c. If there is an appeal then Attorney shall receive forty-five (45.00) percent of any recovery, settlement, settlement offer, award or judgment on bodily injury and/or diminished value claims; d. If no recovery, settlement, settlement offer, award or judgment is received, Attorney shall receive nothing; e. If Attorney’s fees are awarded to be paid by the defendant/debtor, such shall be calculated at a blended hourly rate of $300.00 per hour that Attorney expended.

3. Expenses: Client shall be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the furtherance of Client’s cause of action. These costs and expenses to be borne by Client include, but are not limited to, filing fees and costs of court, court reporter charges, investigation and research, interpreter services, medical records, medical care and examinations for diagnostic work connected with the matter and treatment necessary for the diagnosis, and expert witnesses. In addition client agrees to pay a flat fee of $250.00 for administrative case expenses.

4. Reimbursements: Client understands that current law and regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance plans may require all parties involved in this matter to compromise, settle, or execute a release of healthcare providers’ separate claim for reimbursement/lien for past and future payments prior to distributing any verdict or settlement proceeds. Client agrees that Attorney may take all steps in this matter deemed advisable for the handling of Client’s claim, including hiring separate experts who assist with resolving any healthcare providers’ reimbursement claims or liens for past and/or future injury-related medical care. The expense of any such service shall be treated as a case expense and deducted from the net recovery and shall not be paid out of Attorney’s contingent fee in this matter.

5. Release of Information: Client agrees that Attorney is permitted to release pertinent information including employment information, medical reports, hospital records and other information to another attorney or insurance company of any party involved in this matter. Attorney agrees that any such release of information shall be made only in the furtherance of Client’s interests.

6. Disbursement of Recovery: Any recovery shall be received by Attorney and disbursed to Client pursuant to this Agreement. To accomplish this, the undersigned hereby grants Attorney a Limited Financial Power of Attorney pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 10-6-141.

7. Attorney’s Fees on Contingent: Attorney shall have a general lien upon client’s cause of action and any recovery, settlement, settlement offer or judgment concerning the above-referenced matter and shall release that lien when and not until Client has paid fees and all expenses as outlined above. In the event that a party should elect to withdraw after the first 30 days, the parties agree that Attorney shall provide to Client any fruits of investigation, research into the facts, circumstances and law pertaining to the incident aforementioned and that Client, no longer party to this Agreement, shall pay Attorney either (1) fees at an hourly rate for the time Attorney has spent on Client’s cause of action plus expenses, or (2) contingency compensation in accordance with paragraph 2 above plus expenses, whichever is greater.

8. Arbitration: Should any fee dispute arise between Client and Attorney, both parties mutually agree that such dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration pursuant to the Georgia State Bar Association arbitration program.

9. Legal Team Approach: Attorney may associate other attorneys to work on the case, however, the addition of attorneys to the legal team representing Client will not increase the amount of attorney compensation agreed to herein.

10. Client’s Responsibilities: Client agrees to keep Attorney advised of Client’s whereabouts at all times and to cooperate in preparation and trial of the case, to appear on reasonable notice for depositions and other court appearances and to comply with all reasonable requests made in conjunction with the preparation and preservation of this case.

11. No Promises or Guarantees: Attorney herein has made no representation as to what amount, if any, Client may be entitled to recover in this case.

12. Conclusion of Representation: At the conclusion of this matter, Attorney will retain your legal files for a period of 6 years after Attorney close your file. At the expiration of the 6-year period, we will destroy your file unless you notify us in writing that you wish to take possession of them. Attorney reserve the right to charge an administrative fee and costs of $75.00 associated with researching, retrieving, copying and delivering such files.

13. Entire Agreement: This Writing constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may only be amended in writing signed by the parties to this Agreement and appended hereto.

14. Laws: The laws of the State of Georgia shall govern this agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement this

Nikki Woo Law & Associates:

Nedra Woods, Esq